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Brandon Fix takes a holiday, live edit, Wein 2010.

The proposal, a live residency, embraces performance, production and process. Within the gallery, an environment, notably the cubical, replicates a working studio. My ambition is to reveal working process and amplify exchange within the conventions of art practice and exhibition.

The cubicle divided into two distinct areas, studio and public, is bisected by a wall at a height of 2m. A table common to both spaces is provided and offers stability and a work surface. There is a laptop at each extremity. The wall is made from plywood and has a small opening and is large enough to pass an A4 notepad.

In the studio there is a hanger for everyday clothes together with a chair, bookcase with selected reference volumes and single bed. When working, the occupant will wear a pair of florescent orange trousers, having changed placing his clothes on rail provided. Food is delivered three times a day by gallery attendants to the environment via a hole in the wall.

Visitors have a number of alternative levels of engagement with the artist and work. A direct verbal communication with the occupant/artist across a notional threshold or virtual and indirect text based dialogue via internet using MSN loaded on a laptop at the table found on the public side of the wall, all dialogue is documented. Alternatively, a conventional visual experience can be sought when confronted by artworks and collages hung within space, details of which to follow. The contents will be generated over the course of the show, its conceptual development, administrative communication and set up, key elements and considered as integral to the creative production moment and will be presented accordingly. The data projector located within the wall, projects looped imagery taken from both desktop and of a project entitled,

the walking line experiment, Wien 2010. A signature, brandonfix, is superimposed onto the Wien citymap and is interpreted as a route, a set of instructions to navigate through the city. The experience, encounters and dialogue will be documented in the form of various media, digital photography, found objects, text and collage... Effectively, bringing the city to the gallery. The Walking Line project is conducted as a form of work conceptualized through the eyes of a tourist, a view from the outside, revelatory of hidden beauty.

There will be an public invitation, art lotto, to select three people, who will replace the artist at three specific moments during the exhibition. One of the three will be invited back to repeat their performance for the closing vernissage. To allow Brandon Fix, to be available to discuss the experience within the city, within the gallery and within the isolation of the cubical.

An ideal scenario, depending on opening hours and security issues, as follows. Brandon Fix does not leave the cubical unless arranged or otherwise instructed ie. to undertake the walking line project, when the gallery is closed to the public to produce work for a publishing deadline the next day. There, are two proposals, the installation based domestic_work experience and the bi-product, the walking line project located within the urban_work context. The journal of which will take the form of the show, a show in reverse which develops, incrementally and is completed inversely for the closing event when all the components constructed in-situ are finally in place.

The ambition for this project is to generate a link with the public via interest where they will return at various points during the show to check on the development of the project and eventual survival of the artist.
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