lifetable of earth
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life_table project LIVERPOOL 2008

project methodology

We witness in Modern life, as a consequence of advances in virtual technology, amplified efficiency and greater for data exchange, yet, within the banality of the everyday our potential for simple gestures shrinks, reducing our ability to interact on a physical and social level.
this proposition intends to address this present dilemma in a relatively low tech manner to provide a framework for inspired socio_cultural experience.
The Life_table project is driven by the issue of ecology within the urban landscape.
the choice of artefact typology addresses accessiblity,both physical and intellectual where, itís service can be comprehended by everyone. the piece on a visual sense is incomplete, however, the object will be completed by the events and gestures which take place within it. offering a focus, and provide a framework to promote community gatherings and infrastructure. such events will be shaped as a result of the propositions final outcome and the format of which are too early to predict.

notion of table as a point of departure came into my mind as it offers a volume of fabulous potential. it is often banal and as a consequence overlooked. it can be shared by many and where activities are broad, yet, flexible enough accommodate many gestures from work to play, from picnic and even depending on contextÖwedding feast. my approach as with my other interventions will treat the installation as a toy for both big and small, where, the space under the table has as much advantage as the surface which defines itís facility.
Ecology can be economical, with functionality at a maximum and intervention at a minimum.

this proposal is site specific and permanent.

A questionÖhow and where to intervene within any context, urban, suburban, rural and between in order to amplify the inherent qualities present within the context under investigation. the generation of the new, which expands and offers delight and yet accommodates service but not at the expense or detriment of the landscape or immediate surroundings. the project can intervene within a varied set of environments. for example, a potential site may be offered by Calderstones Park as an extension to existing facilities or as an external commission to Sudley art gallery. An harsh inner city environment may also offer useful contrast and benefit the immediate surroundings with itís lawn facility, numerous gap site in the dingle. however, I suggest to work directly in collaboration with the Liverpool Culture Company and Liverpool City council to target specific contexts which may be more suited to the purpose of this project. it may be imagined that there is the potential for the reproduction of such a product and itís introduction into various and contrasting situations. each intervention will respond and take shape as a result of specific conditions. each table developed will be a unique piece.

the table will eventually require to belong to the context, as an extension of the datum of the groundline. Itís configuration responding to context and itís geometry to be based upon enhancing informal social interactions. itís placement and materiality critical to the sense of place within which it will be situated. it is imperative that there is a link between the intervention proposed and the context within which it will be introduced. Preliminary research will be conducted into potential sites, that will offer the appropriate framework/infrastructure within which to operate. and once this is established an extensive survey of the immediate locality is necessary in order to establish samples of built artefact of a vernacular quality, which I began to piece together an appropriate manner linked to the placement, orientation and materiality of the table within the context.

The table may, for example, be constructed of a yorkstone* wall matched to the immediate surroundingís placed on which is a galvanised metal tray faced in timber. Within the tray will be earth to a depth of approximately 200 mm which will allow the natural grassed lawn to flourish. this lawn will extend along itís full length. one parameter < which may be encouraged> is to locate a green space which will have a natural incline, thus, the table is arranged so that the surface enters into the slope for the last third of itís length. This will reduced the visual impact of the installation to a fine edge when viewed from the front, within the notion of conservation is found the relative calm of the horizontal line which is of contrast to the sharp geometry of the point as it enters the slope. thus, table as extension of the earth.

The format offered will be designed to not present itself as an obstacle, and will not divide as per most conventional furniture arrangements due to itís in-situ, inside-outside character, built into the very fabric of a slope, it can be walked over, sat and or lay on or used in a more conventional manner, that is... sat at. itís length, appropriate to the geometries of context will be generous and allow people to meet, and strangers alike to share the same space, a similar moment.
the converging geometry allow people to find their own comfortable distance, sense of privacy along itís length, formality imposed due to a generous table width to allowable intimacy in the opposite extreme, thus, linking geometries and gesture within the drama of the everyday.
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