manifesto of the imagined state
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manifesto of the imagined state.
the other liverpool

new visions for cities historically experience difficulties within the cultural domain from a both a political position and within the socio-cultural arena. there are few exceptions: the theoretical works of el lizitski where political revolution embraced emblems of radical change and were significant and influential in the creation of the New.

the conceptual agenda for this project is to generate a virtual environment which is based upon a vision of Liverpool using existing recognisable urban references as real spaces but due to the creative advantage of a virtual construct they can be modified to re_present and offer corrected visions of a New Liverpool.

as a consequence for whatever reasons, political, economic etc where such creative opportunities have been lost in the real they can be recuperated in the virtual. thus, for example, projects such as the will alsop’s cloud can now if desirable, exist and alternative propositions can be inserted into the ropeworks project which address other issues outside retail therapy and bars within this alternative view of Liverpool. the presence of the virtual offered as a critique of the real.

the objectives of the project are twofold.

to offer as a public forum an analytical framework within which address issues concerning Architecture as practiced within the urban context of Liverpool. thus, opinion, debate and critique will be present and freely available. applications as an educational resource are obvious however a more accessible broader debate is necessary with key decision makers, planners, artists, politicians and designers. as the project begins as an analytical contextual study there will be scope for rendering visible this research as a series of creative interventions, annotation, drawn, photographed , photo-montaged and modelled within the framework of a virtual re_presentation of Liverpool.

initial physical manifestations of the project may involve photographic document and physical exhibitions, making public the web interface and revealing content found on web interface.due to the scale of the ambition there are specific phases of the project which determine and define a process which will be repeated in key areas of study.a measure of such impact of architectural process may offer an insight into the link between theory and practice. mapping influence of overlapping discourse within the profession on a level of methodology, philosophy and attitudinal with respects to the convention of paper theoretical projects, competitions etc. is well documented. theory out performs practice with respects to fundamental ideas of architecture.

given that architectural design is a diverse, complex and often highly intuitive process. the professional body, planning, design, political hierarchies struggle to understand process and an assessment of the conceptual idea within individual expression, so where does that leave the public.

our project is educational in format and building upon increased public interest in design as witnessed through the popularity of TV shows such as, kevin mcleod’s grand designs C4, Supercities series, with Will Alsop and others, reveal there is growing awareness of contemporary design in architecture.

it is our aim to use the platform of education as key role to modify and enrich perception of our built environment and to raise debate. elsewhere in Europe, doesn’t mirror condition of UK, Italy for example is a unique condition, which finds architecture within national curriculum. as a direct consequence of this, a broader more challenging debate can be introduced into the public domain. a rich and deep understanding of design on within the banalities of everyday life, from fridges to radios, via the renaissance is possible. architecture within the national curriculum is not an option open to ourselves so we will have to be more inventive, embracing education through direct interface, the media, public consultation, exhibitions, conferences etc, in fact any avenue which will raise the profile of a progressive and intelligent belief in design as a useful tool within society rather than a 40min makeover.

we can imagine exhibition of the project nationally through conventional process and mediation of ideas due to an active engagement with the architectural press and international links through the development of a web site dedicated to a parallel vision of Liverpool entitled, the other Liverpool .

outline creative process and methodology.

phase 01 analytical. decisions on the manner of the intervention will be necessary to establish areas of intervention / research and generate themes specific to context. use of photographic, drawn and text based media.establish theoretical agenda specific to issues raised as conclusions to analysis.

phase 02 analytical contd. guests* invited to respond to specific workshops addressing themes previously highlighted as a priority within theoretical agenda. workshops used as a means of production, collation of information and data relative to project.

* professional / educational / public.

phase 03 synthesis. collated data used as a resource for the production of architectural interventions which draw upon previously collated material.

phase 04 production. a phase where all new creative material are introduced to the original area of study. this can involve architectural competitions where design teams external are invited to address both real and virtual environments in an attempt to define new constructs and systems with which we inhabit and relate to our cities. the result of which is the production of new environments which are recognisable as Liverpool but have been transformed by the presence of the new intervention.

phase 05 mediation. researched data developed and applied to various media: • web interface, downloadable pdf documents / images new virtual interfaces where it is possible to navigate through enviroments which are hybrid spaces built from both existing and virtual references. • hard copy exhibition 2D visuals and 3D generated • text based publications.


the initial research to establish an approach and frame conceptual interventions will proceed the five phases outlined above. all components are necessary and will repeat for each individual area to be addressed, however, each investigation will reveal different creative conditions which will demand potentially a unique response, which are for the moment left open to avoid any pre_conceived conclusions.

© ds / finklab jan2007.
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