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Andreas Tschersich peripher 2005 - 2008
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“an exhibition which documents and stands witness to the erosion of difference whilst not trying to take a photograph”
brandon fix.

is it possible to separate an individual image from the body of work which maps Andreas Tschersich’s creative journey to date? a methodology formulated over a period of time and records his investigation into Modernity and it’s continued cultural presence within our cities;
fundamentally questioning if a non intrusive viewpoint for any photograph is possible.
we are familiar with such spaces and question their suitability as subject, however, on experiencing these images we can recognize their validity and feel their potency. a point of departure found is transitional space, where, contextually driven moments are offered by complex urban topography. conditions where transition is present and uncontrolled fluid space exists. a place where system begins to fail and we are confronted by a language of idealised repetition and their randomized formal collision.

on commissioning this exhibition I am reminded of my first encounter with his photographs, where each image is a silent witness to an unique event. a mapping of a moment found in a specific space at a specific time and on it’s discovery, we question… can we appropriately record this experience and document the drama of the everyday? behind the stillness, there is a technique which explores truth, we feel an edge, an under-current of manipulation which signals from the surface a disturbing quality, which escapes conscious perception and is felt outside of content; a quality which underpins it’s methodology and one where it’s fulcrum, and insight is perspective.

we recognize the camera is not the eye and yet in an attempt to place the observer in the original experience to which the image is witness, the viewer absent to a moment never physically experienced, yet, due to the magic of scale and the use of multiple views one is transposed into the virtual reconstitution of a lost space where we are able to share experience and original intent of the artist indirectly through the act of looking.

© david stokes liverpool 09.2008
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