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bop the playfulplug product contextual parameters

nomadic typology
object is non fixed and without specific target environment however one prime constant can be recognized as domestic bathroom with commercial hotel as additional target audience, together with applications within primary care and institutions offering sheltered accommodation.

variants and applications
commercial environments such as hotels materials and demands on logotype for personalised advertising allowing the possibility to respond to these changing conditions and client profile requests within the framework of the proposal using interchangeable inserts etc.

product needs to be functional yet playful. the technology should be present though understated where the product designed as a toy but not marketed as one all technological facilities are contained within the tooling process itself.

design intent requires to move towards
a vision of both formal and technological simplicity where there are no hard edges given the vulnerable aspect of immediate context

technology to be present and provides reassurance confidence via functional applications though not immediately recognized and or felt embrace material aspects working in tandem with formal and physical qualities. above all a due to the vulnerability of client within context a non machine AESTHETIC

formal design propositions will respond to the following conceptual drivers:

playful and sensual, a continuous skin

functional non machine aesthetic